Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tomita, Toofers, & THANK YOU

Grant had his follow up visit at Lurie's on Tuesday morning where we heard the words, "He looks fabulous!" along with, "See you in 6 months".

Six MONTHS?!  Really?!

Grant and his main man, Dr. Tomita
I was both shocked and excited to be able to make his next appointment for the week AFTER his first birthday hoping to have a much less eventful back half of his first year of his life.

I have to say that I while I've been absolutely thrilled with how well (and QUICKLY!) Grant has been healing, I realized I was breathing JUST a little bit easier after that appointment.  After all, my instincts weren't in full effect when this whole thing started so I just admit to myself I have no idea what to think or expect until I hear it from the people who know what they're doing!

Aside from not sleeping and just a little bit of normal, residual swelling on the back of his head, Grant is back to his absolutely sweet self.  I don't know if it was the hospital stay that threw him off, or perhaps it has been a sore tummy from the antibiotics, but I tend to think we can blame his sleeping issues on a combination of all of the hoopla with the main culprit being these adorable toofers making their appearance in his smile!  It's that smile along with his giggles and sweet demeanor that completely make up for the interrupted nights.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, I wanted to share with all who have been praying for Grant and our family for the last number of weeks a letter I sent out to all the people who have physically been helping us.  For, as you'll read, it has taken a family of believers and lovers to get us through this and for all of you we are SO blessed and SO thankful......

To know Lindsay Coil is to know I love nothing more than to write a timely, heartfelt “thank you” note upon receiving a gift.  I very genuinely want to sit down and write personalized notes to each and every person who has been an integral part of helping us survive the past few weeks.  The problem, as you can imagine, is time.  It would take me forever and I want to thank you NOW!

While it’s very much NOT my style to write a blanket “thank you”, I came to realize as I pondered what I wanted to say in this letter, that in this circumstance it’s actually very appropriate.  Because, you see, whatever you did, whatever you said, whatever you made, whatever you gifted, YOU worked together as a family of God to help and watch Grant make a miraculously quick recovery.

Maybe you made us a meal or brought a gift.  You may have sent a card or visited or watched my big kids.  You brought coffee or sent words of scripture and encouragement or offered a perfectly, well timed hug.  You prayed for Grant in the quiet of your bedroom or your car or even directly over his head.

You were thoughtful, you loved us, and you kept our spirits up.  And for YOU I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, thank you, a gazillion times thank you.
Thank you for loving Grant.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for loving my family.
You are very much loved back.

With All My Love,