Monday, August 31, 2015

What Can I Do To Help?

I love this question simply because I love that people love people & that people love to help other people. I'm also so comforted by the fact that my answer to this question is, "Just Pray" because HONESTLY we are so well taken care of that praying is the BEST thing anyone can do!

September is Craniosynostosis Awareness Month.  I find this ironic because a mere 12 days ago I wasn't even aware Craniosynostosis existed and now here we sit a week away from Grant's surgery. 

In honor of September being Craniosynostosis Awareness Month I thought maybe I could elaborate on my answer to the question, "What Can I Do To Help?" Because even though we're directly taken care of, there are many ways to help indirectly as well as help those in a position less fortunate than we are. 

Here's what I've come up with....

1) Go donate blood.
Confession time. I've only given blood one time in my life. I was so bruised afterwards that it deterred me from doing it again. Well, guess what? I'm a changed woman. Blood saves lives. My blood will most likely save my son's life. This will not be the last time I do it. 

2) Help out a really fabulous organization called Cranio Care Bears.  Started by two moms whose sons both had surgeries for Craniosynostosis, they send packages all over the world to families whose children are enduring skull surgeries. Monetary donations, items for the care packages as well as making prayer chains they include in their packages are all needs of theirs at this time. A detailed list of care package items, directions to make prayer chains and their PO Box address  can be found here -

3) Support Lurie Children's Hospital. 
Luries is AMAZING. A friend referred to it as "The Disneyworld of Hospitals" and that's so accurate!  Eric & Kathy from 101.9fm will be in the lobby for their yearly (sob fest) telethon the morning of Grant's surgery. Plan on tuning in and consider supporting their efforts. Contact me if you're looking for a more specific way to give to this fabulous place. 

Keep the prayers coming. We feel completely embraced by them!

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  1. My sister had heart surgery at Lurie's (Back in the day when it was Children's) when she was in kindergarten. My cousin was a nurse there for years. It truly is a wonderful place.