Thursday, September 10, 2015

9:00am Tomorrow

We're all set.  (I think... it's been switched a couple of times).
Grant's surgery is scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning.

For all of you who are praying, we thank you from the very, very bottom of our hearts.  I honestly mean it when I say we feel each and every one.

The length of our stay will depend greatly on how he does post op.  I have to say though that I don't plan on trying to rush out of there as I am thrilled knowing we will be in a place with the most fantastic care.

The two major factors in recovery time will be the amount of swelling he endures and how well we can keep his pain under control.  So for the many of you who have asked what you can pray for specifically those are the two things; minimal swelling and good pain management.

We will update tomorrow as soon as we can.

I'd like to thank those of you who have smothered me with kind words, scripture, & encouragement.  Thanks to a friend who shared with me today that as she was praying for Grant last night, God spoke to her and said, "Of COURSE he's going to be OK, of COURSE I'm going to have My Arms wrapped around him, and he's going to have a great big "W" on his head that stands for winner, so you can stop worrying!" I love that. 

My sweet Mallory said it best this afternoon. "Mom?  I feel like I've got this taken care of and I'm not scared because I just know that God is going to take care of Grant.  Even when I'm not talking to Him I know He hears my thoughts and that makes it all ok".

I love her.

And then there's my wild, but equally sweet Trevor who has taken to praying VERY specifically at night time.
Think, "Sank you for chocolate chips.  Sank you for rock n' roll.  Sank you for jumping".  In honor of him, please pray with us.....

Dear God,
Thank you for Grant
Thank you for trials
Thank you for peace
Thank you for Your Word
Thank you for Lurie Children's Hospital
Thank you for Grandparents
Thank you for family
Thank you for friends
Thank you for music
Thank you for meals
Thank you for cards
Thank you for blogging
Thank you for Dr. Tomita
Thank you for anesthesia
Thank you for medicine
Thank you for band-aids
Thank you for nurses
And most of all, Thank you for Jesus.


  1. Prayers, prayers, and prayers. You've had them, you have them, and you'll continue to have them.

    Love you guys so much.


  2. Don and are I praying for Grant, for you, Doug, Mallory, Trevor and his Grandparents. We pray for the surgeon and the entire medical team. We pray for Grant not to be in too much pain and that God controls the surgery and the swelling. We pray that each of you will feel the safety of Jesus arms around you holding you close. That you feel Jesus Amazing love and that you can rest in His mighty strength and to remember Jesus is the Greatest Physician and Healer. You are all in the Very Best Care-The Creator of Heaven and Earth. We are uplifting you each in prayer and sending much love from our hearts and many, many hugs. With So Much Love, Don and Nancy Benson