Friday, September 4, 2015


When I was growing up, it was frowned upon for my sister and I to "sit on the pity pot", as my parents called it. This did not mean our feelings were discounted, discouraged, or hidden, rather we dealt with the issue and moved on. 

I think this is a big part of the reason I'm not spending the days leading up to Grant's surgery worrying. At least not the MAJORITY of my time anyways. It's got to be next to impossible to not have moments of sadness and worry. But if that's where I was keeping my focus, I'd be missing out on some serious cuteness going on in this little guy's world right now. 

He's doing new things every single day as if to tell me, "Mommy, look! I'm not letting life come to a halt so you better not either!"

In the last week he started babbling a ton and rolling back to front...
I've been treating him to some yummy fruits & veggies and even a few puffs...
And today he started giving us kisses! Melt. My. Heart. 
His obliviousness is a bit heartbreaking, but he looks at me as if to tell me he's going to be JUST fine. 

I've found several quotes in the last few days that have really resonated with me. I've always been a fan of a heartwarming quote. 

A short week from now the surgery will be over with. As much as I can't wait to get on with the recovery part of this escapade, I refuse to ignore the immense joy this boy brings to our lives!

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  1. What an absolute cutie-pie. I can't wait to get me some of the General's kisses! XOXO

    And you can bet your bootie some of those quotes are going on my wall.