Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We are home!  This mama is TIRED but my heart is happy. 

We did it. 

Even though it already seems like a dream, we did it. 

When I start to ask, "Did that REALLY happen?", I have proof. Just look at the difference five short days made...

I mean, he was unbelievably cute before, but it wasn't until I put the pictures side by side that I realized just how narrow the top of his head was. Now just look at all the room he has for that precious brain to grow. Might I add, I think he looks pretty darn handsome!

The other proof we have is the very large incision he has across the very top of the back of his head. The one that is strategically placed so well that A) you can't see it from the front and B) doesn't bother him at all when he rests his head anywhere. I didn't know such a spot existed on our heads, but it does!  

Any photos I've posted of him were taken and edited in a way that I felt like I was able to protect him a little bit. Let's call a spade a spade - there were a couple of days there where he looked just plain awful and a little startling. I was used to it because I watched it gradually happen and I looked at him through a mother's eyes. Had you walked into that room over the weekend, he likely would have made you gasp a bit. 

Here's my point - My purpose for sharing this journey wasn't for a medical journal or for shock value. If anyone wants to see the "scary pics", they're out there. They're easily accessible. I saw many of them the night of August 20th, the night I couldn't sleep after learning of Grant's diagnosis and pending surgery. The night I ferociously prayed for comfort over fear. The night I decided that I couldn't do this alone. 

And THAT is why I shared my journey. So that God's Kingdom could come together to praise Jesus in the storm and join me in those ferocious prayers of strength and healing. 

So I'm not posting pictures of his incision. Not because I'm embarrassed or vain but because I just don't feel it's necessary. If you see us, you'll see it!  It's large. Doug counted sixty stitches last night when we gave him a bath, and those are just the external ones. We were told they stitched him up both internally and externally. The back of his head is still very swollen and lumpy and his neck, especially behind his ears, is quite bruised. But he's my little Super Grant and he, no exaggeration, continues to heal hour by hour. 

What I will eventually share on my blog is his scar. I decided during our hospital stay that although it may sound weird, I'm happy he's going to have a scar. Even though it will some day be hidden by his hair, I want him to wear it with proudly. 

I want him to know how strong he was. 

I want him to know he strengthened people's faith. 

He strengthened my faith!

I want him to know all the small miracles we watched happen in Room 1909. 

His scar will have quite the story to tell. 

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  1. Seeing that smiling boy in the back of church today was the best part of my week. I just had a big grin on my face and couldn't resist planting a big kiss on his cute cheeks.

    It is amazing to see the difference in him. I'm going to go with more handsome than ever.

    As always...Love to you all! XOXOXOXOXOX