Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 4 Excitement

What a morning. 

Not uncommon to craniofacial patients, Grant's hemoglobin dropped to 5.2 requiring a blood transfusion. 

That IV that hung on through the night for pain meds wasn't gonna cut it for a four hour blood transfusion. 

So that meant starting a new IV. I was praying HARD that it would not be a huge ordeal for him knowing IVs were an issue pre op. Just minutes before they came in to start it, I got what I've been waiting for...


Thanks to AMAZING NURSES from both the floor and anesthesia, they got an IV started on the first attempt. It took some doing and a lot of patience, but they did it. Praise Jesus!

They got started around 11 so he'll be done around 3. His hemoglobin will be checked again at 6. Obviously we're hoping numbers will be back to normal. 

So here we wait. 

What a rockstar. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the smile.

    And it's so amazing to me how awesome his head looks! You can barely see the bandage from this view. What miracles doctors can do these days led by the hand of God.