Sunday, September 13, 2015

Turning a Corner

We're starting to see glimpses of our Buddy's sweet personality. Some of my girlfriends stopped by today. Being the Ladies Man that he is, he was showing off a bit before they left; grabbing on and sucking his toes (which he was doing a lot of last week) and babbling. 

Prior to that I had spent the entire morning, like from 6am until around 1pm, snuggling him. When we put him down to change his diaper it was very obvious that his swelling was favoring the side he was snuggling on, which is OK, but I decided to put him down for awhile to even him out a bit. 

He hasn't been eating a whole lot, but we've attributed that to the fact that he's been on IV fluids. Between the swelling and the fluids he is weighing in TWO AND A HALF pounds heavier than normal. We've been calling him our little Sumo Baby. This morning they cut the fluids in half and sure enough, like they hoped, he's picking up on the eating front. So much in fact, that as I type this they're taking him off the fluids completely. Yay!

He's SUPER comfortable in his bed thanks to the "podster" Grandma Maegdlin bought him last weekend. Everyone around here wants to know what it is and where it came from as it's perfect for recovery. It's basically like an inclined bean bag chair with a hole in the middle. Add GiGi and his fleece blanket from Mallory and it's been the perfect place for him to recover. 

So we continue to wait. And pray. Although isn't it great that now our prayers include more "Thank Yous" & "Hallelujahs" than "Pleases"?  

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