Sunday, September 13, 2015

Better By The Hour

I It's gonna be hard for me to go to sleep because it's hard to take my eyes off this sweet baby. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm watching the swelling subside right before my very eyes. 

The difference in swelling between about 4pm and now 9pm(ish) is incredible! 

This evening his heart rate was running higher than it has been all day. The nurses attributed it to the fact that he's been a little more active the more he starts to feel like himself. I had a hunch that his IV was bugging him. He wasn't crying, but he wouldn't settle down and he was moving his leg kinda funky like it bothered him. It looked like he was pedaling a bike with his left foot. So while I was waiting for the nurse to come back I fashioned a little splint to stabilize his knee. Turns out that IV is in danger of failing sooner than later. Right now he's only got it so they can administer the Toradol. They could switch to oral Motrin but they'd like to keep it in case of emergency. I'm praying hard it hangs on because I REALLY don't want to have to watch them start another one. 

My splint seemed to help, but it was when the nurse covered the whole thing with an adult sized hospital sock that he really settled in. 

On that note, I'm gonna try to get some sleep while he's resting so peacefully!

I CANT WAIT to see him smile. Praying that will happen by morning.

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  1. He looks very content in that picture. Hope you got some sleep yourself.