Saturday, September 12, 2015

I May Eat My Words, But....

I'm really starting to feel like the worst is about to be behind us. 

He's down to one IV. It's been hours since he's had any pain meds stronger than Tylenol so we just gave him a dose of Toradol which is IV Motrin. This way we can start rotating Tylenol and Motrin every three hours. A regimen we can continue at home. He's super antsy and uncomfortable but he really doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain. How that's possible, I have no idea, but last night and this morning it was very apparent he was in pain so administering morphine was completely rendered. I didn't want to give him something that strong today if we didn't have to. 

After they took out the IV on his right foot we noticed his cute little ET toe. 

He's REALLY swollen. Like, "are you sure that's my baby?" swollen. Earlier this afternoon his eyes swelled so much that his eyelids started to curl up like they were about to turn inside out. We were actually warned beforehand by our nurse that it was a very good possibility it could happen and that it was "normal". Nineteenth floor of Lurie Children's definition of normal is a bit different than my every day definition of normal, I suppose!

He and I had some super cuddle time from 11 til around 2:30. In the midst of that is when the swelling got bad. We could just tell it was scaring him. He and I spent much of the next 2+ hours forehead to forehead as that was the position that made him feel most calm. Anything for my fighter!

As you can see in the picture, they took the dressing off his head. It's amazing to me that even though Grant's face and head are incredibly swollen, it's already very obvious that the frontal bossing of his forehead is totally gone. It makes me excited to see what the rest of his head will look like as the swelling subsides. 

He didn't eat much today, but he's still getting IV fluids and his nurses said that babies tend to not want to eat when swelling peaks because it's uncomfortable for them. He just ate better than he's eaten all day giving me one more reason to think he's about to kiss the worst of this goodbye!

I'm thankful my mom and Mallory came up today. I miss my big kids!  

Praying for some sleep tonight. I'm not sure what I'm running on at this point but I'm thinking its adrenaline, caffeine, and Jeus!

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