Saturday, September 19, 2015

Half Birthday

Our littlest man is half a year old. 
He's quite an experienced little guy!

Could his shirt be any more true? He sure did nail it!

Imagine my excitement when the doctor came in our room yesterday morning and told us to get out of there and go home! I always make a little bit of a fuss for my kids half birthdays, but this one was extra special in my mind and I REALLY wanted to be home for it. 

It was at his 5 month visit (August 18) we were told to call the neurosurgeon. 
August 20th we met Dr Tomita
August 25th he had CT and bloodwork 
September 11th was surgery 
September 15th discharged from Luries
September 16th admitted to NCH
And finally home for good I HOPE on the 18th. 

That's QUITE a month!

My mom and Trevor came to get us from the hospital. The boys were happy to see each other!

And then I had my friend Katie pick up Mallory from school and take her to Berry Yo so I could surprise her there. 

On the way home she said, "Mom, when Katie told me we were going to Berry Yo my body said, 'Man I wish Mommy could be there'. And then you surprised me!"

Katie's kids were happy to see Grant too although Mallory let them know there were "too many people up in his grill". What a character!

I decided to ignore the piles of laundry and all of the other catch up housework and just spend a fun afternoon with all three of my kids. We baked a skillet cookie for Grant, danced in the kitchen, let Trevor cover himself with bandaids, made popcorn & snuggled up for a movie, and Mallory and I read "just ONE more chapter" four or five times at bedtime. 

It was perfect. 

Grant's swelling continues to go down every day and as it does I see him looking more and more like his brother and sister. 

I am one BLESSED Mommy. 

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  1. It definitely sounded like the perfect day.

    It was awesome to see the little guy at church today, too being his usual smiling, flirty self.

    Prayers and thoughts will continue to be with you as you (hopefully) settle back into a normal routine.