Thursday, September 17, 2015


Poor Buddy!

Took him to the pediatrician for a nebulizer treatment hoping it would make him a little more comfortable. He has a bit of a cough and some wheezing that was getting progressively worse. 

Taking a conservative approach given what he's been through, we were sent to the pediatric ER at Northwest Community. Chest X-Ray confirmed bronchiolitis, which is basically baby bronchitis. Thankfully he tested negative for RSV and X-Ray showed no pneumonia.   

They decided to admit him for monitoring which I think was a really smart move. Last thing I would have wanted to do was have to rush here in the middle of the night should his condition worsen. 

The worst part of this whole ordeal was watching them try... and fail.... twice. to start an IV. I pleaded to let them try loading him up on pedialyte to hydrate him instead and they gracefully obliged. I couldn't watch another vein blow. I know all too well how badly that hurts!

Long story short, the tentative plan is to be discharged after his 5pm breathing treatment, continuing the treatments every four hours at home. OBVIOUSLY I will stay another night if that's what docs deem safest and best, but I'm ready to be home!

And our Sweet Baby Grant?  He continues to schmooze and flirt with nurses. Everyone here loves him. His personality is DEFINITELY returning and I even got some giggles out of him today!

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  1. Aw...poor Buddy is right.

    Safe rather than sorry is always the way to go. (Isn't developing a cough like this common after anesthesia?)